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It’s called the land of perpetual spring’. I wished it Luoyang Travel would stop raining. Another minority group is a band of Mongols who settled to the south Luoyang Travel of Kunming after the Mongol Khan’s armies had overrun the area. Marco Polo arrived in Kunming a few years later (about 1275); he mentioned anim-ists and nature-worshippers, and people who excelled in magic and mystical arts. One of his reasons for visiting Yunnan was to look for the Elixir of Life. While we in Eitrope were busy trying to turn base metal into gold, the Chinese were searching for the secrets of immortality.

Duluth Gabbro

The overlooks at Magney-Snively provide some of the largest exposures of Duluth Gabbro along the North Shore. This huge expanse of volcanic rock, exposed in scattered locations like these two overlooks, never made it to the earth’s surface in the rock’s infancy.

At the time the magma of the Duluth Gabbro was rising through the earth’s crust, a thick accumulation of lava from previous eruptions already covered the surface. This thick layer of hardened rock kept the magma from breaking through and reaching the surface.

Millions of years of erosion, caused mostly by glaciers, wore away the overlaying layers of rock, exposing the gabbro in various places, most notably in Duluth. Today the gabbro mass extends at or beneath the surface for about 60-100 miles up the North Shore, and under Lake Superior to the South Shore where it reappears in Wisconsin and Michigan.

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