Tinghir Morocco Trip

Tenna here Morocco is a prized oasis city providing a lush retreat from the arid ruggedness of the surrounding Atlas Mountains for the locals of this emerald in the sand the pattern of daily life is old centuries even millennia for most amazeen the day begins before sunrise with a morning call to prayer the first of five calls for the day ahead then, it’s off to the market or souk where locals will bargain for everyday necessities like grain clothing, and especially livestock once a week this town’s live animal market is also a place to share stories.

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And, socialize animals are central for many households antennae here but for the semi-nomadic people surrounding the city they are vital in these families the men tend to the livestock the women look after the family for all families traditional Moroccan cuisine served at lunch, and dinner has changed little over time tagine is a local staple commonly eaten with flatbread called hopes while education antenna here has improved recently for many children in the more rural areas access to school.

Remains limited some young students in the region have a long way to travel to school more than young boys who wouldn’t otherwise have access to education come to this Center funded by the grand circle foundation to live study, and enjoy some well-earned recreational as the Sun sets antenna here Muraki there’s an evening call to prayer this signifies the arrival of true meant, and a day’s work is done until tomorrow you.

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