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When setting out for a walk in the Himalayas which trail to take in this kingdom with native cultures, and ate the world’s ten tallest mountains beach chosen pathway leads to its own discoveries very very tall mountain that is an opponent’s out the people that live up here, and in the colors, and everybody looks just happy, and to task it what they’re doing for their day. So you fought out of all the couples yeah.

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I see all of it, and then the grassy. So this the red part what you see, it’s a rate their median powder we put on the head. Because all the married women they have his red powder he is.

So well informed, and he’s. So well organized um. I don’t think we could do any better, and he he is very into helping us learn to discover having grown up in a secluded mountain village trip leader Rajesh Rashmi uses his own experience to bring life the each trek believes now my question is can they get mules to cross this kind of bridge yes that’s really amazing they can go anywhere he has taught me a lot about his country.

I think he wants to share a great deal of his knowledge we get wonderful teachers about their nations they’re not just guides a guide just says go from here to here, and then they walk all the way seven days, and the place called Johnson. So they carry everything with them the trip leaders make all the difference we ploughed ourselves they are the explainers they are the problem solvers, and that that’s very comforting to know that you’re in good hands they come down every day to get their green photos firewood, and water as was a book oh your notebook, and it’s nicely covered ah the classroom clock oh you know she’s a teacher bunty’s out all day buta netezza with no roads to most nepali towns the paths along these mountain valleys bustle with local foot traffic the variety the interaction of people is what we really Chur nepali is the national language but English is also taught to students starting when they are very young okay up there that was the hardness don’t hold the school visit was amazing those children were. So outgoing, and eager to learn, and eager to participate, and we thought that the teachers were doing a fine job, and we appreciate their their taking on this responsibility thank you thank you about applica day every remote village in Nepal has its own ambulance backpack no pretend that you are siga a new Madras just said that when he takes he trips he’s gonna be carried around in one of those baskets I’ll be wary of the old enough that I’ll need to be to me a real strength of the Nepali culture are the small villages the communities that work together, and to meet the people, and in sees them as individuals is is really enjoyable Katmandu alone has seven World Heritage cultural sites within a ten-mile radius sites are both Hindu, and Buddhist.

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