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Tettegouche History

Information provided by the Department of Natural Resources indicates that loggers named Mic Mac Lake after an Algonquin Indian tribe in their homeland of New Brunswick, Canada. These men worked for the Alger-Smith Logging Company which began cutting timber in the area in 1898.

In 1910, after harvesting most of the red and white pine, Alger-Smith sold the camp and surrounding land to the Tettegouche Club. This club, a group of Duluth sportsmen, managed the land as if it were already a parkthey forbid hunting. When the club folded in 1921, one of its members, Clement K. Quinn, bought the land and continued to treat it as a park. In 1971, Mr. Quinn sold the property to banker John deLaittre who continued the tradition of preservation.

The initial attempt to formally create a park for the people of Country failed when the residents of Lake County objected to the potential loss of local tax revenues. For too long they had witnessed the gradual erosion of the county’s tax base as more and more land found its way into state or federal ownership. Resistance was finally overcome in 1979 when the state agreed to sell the county state lands equal in value to the lands they purchased to create the park.

They spent countless weekends touring the region and dreaming of owning Best winter vacations in the US a winery. Six years after marrying in 1998, they purchased the fifty-two-acre Best winter vacations in the US Kentucky Ranch. In 2008 the Thachers completed the winery and a tasting room skirted by an inviting patio with a water fountain. A wraparound porch holds one-of-a-kind tables and chairs that were crafted from old wine barrels by Sherman’s father. Perched atop the tasting room, a grasshopper-shaped weathervane pays tribute to the medieval grasshoppers emblazoned on the Thacher family crest and wine labels. The five-hundred-square-foot tasting room resembles a small farmhouse.

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