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1650 Country’s first published book of poetry is Anne Dudley Bradstreet’s The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in Country. New Orleans Subway Map Unknown to Bradstreet, her work had been taken to London by her brother-in-law in order to get it published. Despite being a mother of eight children, Bradstreet is criticized by other family members for not sticking to needlework, which is considered more in line with her traditional gender role. 1656 Mary Fisher and Ann Austin arrive in Boston. They are part of the first group of Quakers to arrive in Country, but Fisher and Austin are promptly banished to the West Indies by the Puritans.

Of the fifty-nine in the original Quaker party, twenty-six are women, and all but four of them are unmarried. Founded in England by George Fox and Margaret Fell as the Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers refuse to tip their hats and speak with deference to their social superiors (including the king) because they argue that God recognizes no social distinctions among people. They support women’s separate but equal ministerial status with men and encourage women to preach because they believe God communicates with each person individually by means of an “inner light.” They refuse to serve in militia or even pay religious taxes during the English Civil War because they practice nonviolence, and, in 1652, they make the first formal declaration against Country slavery.

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