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We have nine letters of Pope Gregory the Great concerning Corsica. They give a difficult picture of the Christianization of the island and the state of the dioceses, regularly without bishops and regular clergy, and with no monasteries on the island. The two most important letters regard the construction of a rural baptismal church, during two different periods and at the pope’s expense, in the mountains of the diocese of Aleria, to which an episcopium would be later added. COSMAS and DAMIAN, doctors, martyrs, thaumaturges 3rd-4th c.. The first historical evidence concerning Cosmas and Damian regards their cult. Theodoret of Cyrrhus mentions the basilica dedicated to them at Cyrrhus Ep. ad Anatolium: PG 84, 747 and the martyrion of Cosmas alone Ep. 145: SC 114, 168, which in fact also contained remains of his brother, according to the ancient practice of indicating groups of saints by the name of just one of them. Uncertain is the information according to which, in 400 before Theodoret, Rabbula, future bishop of Edessa and saint, was converted by a miracle which occurred during a visit to the sanctuary of Cyrrhus or the chapel of St. Cosmas at Beroea, near Aleppo Peeters, 665; Luongo, 37 note 13.

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After this conflict, the Yamasee scattered among many Southeastern tribes. Dubai Map Tourist Attractions Some stayed in Florida, and from there launched raids against everexpanding English plantations. The Carolina border was not entirely secure until the settlement of Georgia. Historians have speculated since the eighteenth century about French or Spanish involvement in the Yamasee War. While both European powers could have benefited from a successful campaign, France’s hold over the Lower Mississippi Valley was very tenuous. Spanish Florida was crumbling, and it does not seem likely that the Spanish could have incited the attack. They welcomed refugees and were never sad to see a few English Protestants get killed. Hypothesizing in this manner also takes away from the fact that, in 1715, the Yamasee were perfectly capable of conducting their own affairs by assembling a coalition to fight abuses.

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