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In November 450 a local council presided over by Anatolius approved Leo’s letter concerning christology and anathematized the errors of Nestorius and Eutyches. At Alexandria, Bishop Proterius had been murdered, and the monophysites had elected Timothy Ailouros in his place. In the face of protests against this violence and the defense of the Egyptian monophysites, Emperor Leo asked for the opinion of the Eastern bishops, who met in numerous provincial councils. The council at Constantinople, at which Anatolius presided and, as usual, those bishops passing through the capital took part, declared Timothy’s election null and confirmed the validity of the decisions of Chalcedon. ca. 458. A council, presided over by patriarch Gennadius, censured and invalidated certain episcopal elections held in Galatia and condemned the authors of these actions. 477. In the context of the antimonophysite reaction that followed the end of Basiliscus’s usurpation and Zeno’s resumption of the throne, a council presided over by Bishop Acacius of Constantinople declared Peter the Fuller, bishop of Antioch, and Paul of Ephesus condemned and deposed.

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1740 The College of Philadelphia, later the University of Pennsylvania Austin Map , is founded. Around this time, Benjamin Franklin devises the Pennsylvania Fire Place or Franklin stove Austin Map , a device for heating rooms more efficiently by minimizing the escape of heated air. 1742 A spectacular shooting star arouses the Reverend Thomas Clap’s interest in meteors, to which he will devote much of his scientific career. 1743 The first Country Philosophical Society is founded in Philadelphia. It will last until 1746. 1744 Benjamin Franklin gives a model Franklin stove to the iron founder Robert Grace, which helps publicize the invention.

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