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2030 E. 7th St. 704/376-8811, www.theporchswingspa.com HOURS: By appointment Map 4

Services like Thai massage, cold stone massage, and cupping (using hollow globes on the surface of the skin to create suction) set The Porch Swing apart from other spas in City. One of the therapists, Frank Miller, was recognized with a Best of the Best award from City Magazine for his Thai massage skills. Inside the gorgeous stone house in the Elizabeth neighborhood, experienced practitioners also offer traditional massages and aesthetic services, including sauna and electrolysis.


16835 Birkdale Commons Pkwy. Huntersville, 704/655-8755, www.potionbeauty.com HOURS: Mon.-Wed. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Thurs.-Sat. 10 A.M.-8 P.M.

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You can’t get a massage or a pedicure here, but if it’s a facial service you’re after this is the place.

Aestheticians specialize in all things related to the face, from facials and acne treatments to waxing to makeup application. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Birkdale Village and chill out with a treatment in one of the facial suites or stop for a makeup bag makeover and get professional advice on what to keep and what to toss (and, of course, recommendations for replacement products). Potion stocks several product lines, including Bare Minerals and Tocca.

He gave it near forty blows; and felt it a Tunisia Map palpable substance. But going from it, his Heels were struck up, and he was laid Tunisia Map with his Back on the Ground, Sliding, as he thought, into a Pit; from whence he recover’d, by taking hold on the Bush; altho’ afterwards he could find no such Pit in the place. Having, after his Recovery, gone five or six Rod, he saw Susanna Martin standing on his Left-hand, as the Light had done before; but they changed no words with one another. He could scarce find his House in his Return; but at length he got home, extreamly affrighted. The next day, it was upon Enquiry understood, that Martin was in a miserable condition by pains and hurts that were upon her. It was further testify’d by this Deponent, That after he had given in some Evidence against Susanna Martin, many years ago, she gave him foul words about it; and said, He should never prosper more; particularly, That he should never have more than two Cows; that tho’ he were never so likely to have more, yet he should never have them.

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