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CORINTH. The Church of Corinth was founded by the apostle Paul Acts 18:1-18; 1 Cor 1:14-16; 16:15 around the year 50 in a milieu that included Jews organized in a synagogue Acts 18:4, 8; but we cannot rule out Christianity having arrived earlier. The primitive community had important Jews as mem- bers, but from the letters we can deduce that the majority was of Gentile origin. The city, destroyed by Mummius 146 BC, was rebuilt by Julius Caesar 44 BC as a traditional Roman colony according to established practice; from 27 BC it was capital of the province of Achaia. The original plan of the city was vast, ca. 150 hectares; it later spread toward the east. The ancient temples were preserved and the new part of the city enriched with splendid public buildings: the agora, adorned on the model of the Roman forum, acquired a monumental aspect.

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1679 The Exclusion Crisis breaks out as Protestant nobles attempt to Santiago Subway Map block James the Duke of York’s succession to the throne. 1681 Pennsylvania is chartered. Santiago Subway Map 1683 The Rye House Plot, an alleged conspiracy by Whig opponents to overthrow Charles II, fails. It leads to the execution of Algernon Sidney, whose Discourses will greatly influence the founding fathers of the United States. 1685 King Charles II of England dies and is succeeded by his brother James II. King Louis XIV of France revokes the Edict of Nantes, leading to widespread violence against the Huguenots and to large Huguenot migrations to the North Country colonies.

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