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1762 In Boston, Thomas Hutchinson’s A Projection for Regulating the Value of Gold and Silver Coins and Oxenbridge Thatcher’s Considerations on Lowering the Value of Gold Coins within the Province of Massachusetts Bay are published. Mumbai Subway Map 1763 A New York Society of Arts is formed with the goal of fostering an independent Country linen industry. Boston merchants form a Society for Encouraging Trade and Commerce to oppose the renewal of the Molasses Act, due to expire in 1764.

The society becomes the central organization of the Boston mercantile community. An artisans’ group, the Ancient and Honorable Mechanical Company of Baltimore, is founded. 1764 Parliament’s Currency Act forbids the issuing of bills of credit as money, as well as the reissuing of existing bills. It also establishes a new, superior viceadmiralty court in Nova Scotia with an English judge and jurisdiction over all the British colonies in North Country.

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