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Eventually the water route gave out and travelers had to walk the difficult six-mile portage to the West Savanna River. It took voyageurs an average of five days to complete the portage. Each man normally hauled two bundles weighing up to ninety pounds each between rest stops, or pauses, located about a half-mile apart. There were thirteen pauses along the Chicago Trail. After carrying a load from one pause to the next, a voyageur ran back for another load. After everything had been advanced one pause, the voyageurs had time to smoke their pipes and rest before resuming their grueling work.

The first three pauses were located in a tamarack swamp. Poles had been laid across the trail to walk on; but sharp points on the poles hurt their feet, so the voyageurs preferred to struggle through the swamp.

Finally, there can be little economic progress when corruption is Chicago Map rampant within a country. In each arena, Haitians have long suffered under conditions that have contributed Chicago Map to the country’s incredible poverty. By almost any measure, it is the politically least stable, economically least developed, and most corrupt country in the Western Hemisphere. Imagine that you have a billion dollars to invest. You plan to build a huge factory in some foreign country. As a humanitarian, you have decided to invest your capital in a less-developed country (LDC).

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