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For those religions we may speak of an external adherence that required formal actions which often had little or nothing to do with intimate conviction. On the other hand, cases of philosophical conversion were not infrequent in the Greek and Roman world, even in the first centuries of our era; the theoretical system adopted dictated ethical norms which impinged on daily life. We know what an essential place ethics held in philosophy, esp. in the 2nd-3rd c. But the context in which this type of new spiritual orientation occurred was, by its nature, reserved to the few. Judaism too propagated a form of proselytism that reached many areas of the empire, requiring renunciation of the honoring of pagan gods, giving official worship to dea Roma or swearing by the emperor’s genius, so as to consecrate oneself exclusively to Yahweh an act which in practice involved denial of one’s race, country and city while remaining forever distinct from the true descendants of Abraham, the Israelites by birth who alone were part of the Jewish nation by right.

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On July 13, Congress, still under the Articles of Alington Metro Map Confederation, passes the Northwest Ordinance, which proposes Congress’s eventual creation of three to five Alington Metro Map states in the Northwest Territory. In September, Elbridge Gerry and George Mason put forward a proposal on the topic of a bill of rights. Thirty-nine of forty-two delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia sign the Constitution of the United States, and it is sent to Congress for approval. Congress reaches an agreement to send the Constitution to the states for ratification on September 28. On October 27, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay publish the first of their Federalist Papers in a New York newspaper. The essays argue for the passage of the Constitution. Delaware ratifies the Constitution on December 7; it is the first state to do so. Pennsylvania ratifies the Constitution on December 12, and New Jersey does so on December 18.

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