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“The igloo is at once a masterful design and the evanescent symbol of a world where all is temporary, all is in movement.”

Top of the igloo; last block

The first three blocks

Dig the rectangular blocks from a trench in wind-pocked snow.

Even the first course must angle inward considerably.

Carve the block on three sides so it will fit perfectly.

Wc were the fust Europeans tu enter the village ofPatom, lost in the mountains of Yakutia. And we welcomed the prospect of spending a few days there to recover, having just Uaveled nonstop for two mouths through the hitter Siberian cold.

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The Acantha was struck below the water line and began taking in water. The crew took to the boats, but while they were launching the craft on the weather side, several shots were fired, but no one was hit. After the crew had taken to the small boats, the submarine crew continued to fire at them with rifles and several shots hit the sides, making holes in the gunwales. Then the submarine fired a torpedo at the trawler, which sank immediately with a loud explosion. The submarine then went south. Two hours later the Acantha’s crew of thirteen hands were picked up by the Swedish steamer Tord and landed at Blyth. Captain Pederson, master of the Acantha, had reason to believe that the submarine was SM U 80, she was painted white with her number painted out.’ The Florence Dombey (Official No. 109673) was a 182-ton British steam trawler measuring 5.17 m in length, with a 6. 42-m beam and a 3.47-m draught. Smiths Dock Co. Ltd at North Shields built and completed her as Yard No. 629 in April 1900; she was launched as the Wyre on 17 March 1900 for Wyre Steam Trawling Co. Ltd at Fleetwood (FD.196) and M. Hudson managed her. The single steel screw was powered by a 52-rhp, three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used one boiler. The cylinders measured 31. 75 cm, 50.8 cm and 81.28 cm with a 57.15-cm stroke (12/ in. 20 in. and 32 in. with a 221/2-in.stroke). NE Marine Engineering Co. Ltd manufactured the machinery at Sunderland.

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