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In January, the British try to take Santo Domingo by Glendale Map land and sea but fail twice to even reach the city (internal strife between the commanders plays Glendale Map a role). In May, commanders of the British fleet (fearing a return to Cromwellian England with nothing to show for their trouble) turn their attention to Jamaica. The small Spanish garrison, allied with runaway slaves, loses its forts right away but manages to hold out in the mountains for two years. Eventually, the slaves join the British side. Cromwell rules Jamaica under martial law. After the Stuart restoration, King Charles II rules it as a Crown colony.

1660 and 1663 Two sets of Navigation Acts are enacted by England’s restored monarchy under Charles II. These laws force the British possessions in the Caribbean to conduct trade only with Britain. Commodities such as sugar and tobacco must be carried in British ships to England or other British colonies. 16611664 Louis XIV assumes power as king of France. During his reign, independent proprietorships cease to exist, and the French Caribbean increasingly comes under royal control. In 1664, the French West India Company is chartered, based on the Dutch West India Company; the company, an economic failure, will be liquidated in 1671.

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