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I recalled the stories of men exiled and expelled through that Beijing Subway Map gate, outlaws, offenders, and disgraced officials, and I wondered about the feelings of Beijing Subway Map the travellers who had passed willingly beneath it. According to Mildred Cable and Francesca French, the archway walls had been covered irf graffiti. Now that the place is restored there’s only a wooden notice saying No Carving or Writing’. And the gate is locked. The Misses Cable and French had mentioned an ancient custom that any person leaving China through the Travellers’ Gate would pause to throw a stone at the outer wall of the gatehouse. If the stone rebounded off the wall it meant that the person would return.

After the Crouch murders and the deaths of Susan Holcomb and James Foy, Prosecutor

Hewlett was certain Judd Crouch and Daniel Holcomb were involved in the crimes. On March 1, 1884, the two men were arrested for the murder of Jacob Crouch, Eunice and Henry White, and Moses Polley. Daniel was the first to go to trial.

November 8, 1884, newspapers across the country called it “The Trial of the Century” and “The Great Trial.” People crowded the courtroom with standing room only. Hundreds waited outside the courtroom.

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