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For exclusive seaside stargazing at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, couples can book the Tour of the Night Sky excursion, which features a guided odyssey and a professional-grade telescope for viewing planets and constellations over the ocean.

This ethereal adventure is enhanced for couples with the resort’s Fire in the Dunes package, which provides a private beach setup complete with cozy blankets for cuddling under the stars.

Rooms from $389.

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Two of them returned with me, and succeeded in bringing the remainder, in all 9persons, to safety to the Longstone about nine o’clock. Afterwards a boat from North Sunderland arrived and found three lifeless bodies, viz, one man and two children, which they carried to the rock, and came to Longstone with great difficulty; and had to lodge in the barracks two days and nights, with scant provisions, no beds, nor clothes to change them with. Even though officialdom knew the whole truth about the famous rescue and there is no doubt that Grace Darling performed a dangerous and heroic feat alongside her father, the rumours and twisted tales prevailed. People just believed what they wanted to hear. The fan mail to Grace poured in, with invitations to her to sit for portraits and thousands of requests for locks of her hair; in fact, she sent so many locks of hair that she was in danger of going bald. Busts of her were on sale everywhere, poems were written and offers of marriage galore came in. Each visit to the mainland was like a royal occasion. Grace did not want any of it, really; she just wanted to be left in peace with her family on Longstone. She had been born at Bamburgh on 24 November 1815 and was one of nine children brought to maturity by William and Thomasin Darling. The lighthouse was her home, her father’s business and her principal interest.

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