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Paraguayan Photography

Photography studios such as Kodak (www.kodak.com.py) and Rochester (www.rochester.com.py) have several locations in Asuncion and other parts of Paraguay. Photos can be printed directly from memory cards and other external storage devices. Discounts are offered for bulk digital prints. Processing film is becoming rare and is often pricier than digital processing.

Taking & Sharing Photos:

Though Paraguayans are usually happy to be photographed, it is best to ask permission first. In Spanish you’d say, iPuedo sacar tu foto por favor? and in Guaram, iIkatu anohemi la nde foto? Or simply say iPuedo? or ilkatu?  while raising or gesturing to your camera. One of the advantages of digital photography is being able to show your subject their photo instantly. In poor areas, most people rarely have the opportunity to see their photos. To ask if your subject would like to see his photo say, iQuieres ver tu foto? in Spanish and iRehechase nde foto? in Guarani Photo processing costs are beyond the means of rural families, many of whom do not even own a camera. If you have been staying with a family or have developed a particular bond with locals, consider printing some photos (portraits in particular) as a thank you gift. If you promise to send photos at a later date be sure to make good on that promise.

Media Television

Paraguay’s first television channel, Cerro Cora, began broadcasting in 1965. Since then, a handful of local television channels have popped up, filling the airwaves with news programs, game shows, and telenovelas (mostly imported from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico). Though newscasts and talk shows are ostensibly in Spanish, hosts often break into Guarani, especially during informal segments. Most hotels offer cable TV including a few Latin American networks (such as CNN en Espanol) and movie channels. Hotels along the border with Brazil have access to Brazilian satellite TV that offers a wider variety of channels including international news networks such as CNN and BBC in English.


ABC Color (www.abc.com.py), La Nacion (www.lanacion.compy), and Ultima Hora (www.ultimahora.compy) are printed daily. ABC Color is the most popular newspaper in Paraguay. Guarani words are used regularly, even in headlines, especially in order to add special emphasis. All three newspapers are notorious for slanting their political coverage, each representing their own special interests. News of this nature should generally be taken with a grain of salt. Most newspapers have weekly magazines and special supplements including books on Paraguayan history, collections of Paraguayan music, and DIY courses covering everything from knitting to home repair. The Espectaculos section is the best place to find out about upcoming cultural events.

An interesting alternative to the large dailies is E’a, a monthly publication available at newsstands in downtown Asuncion and online at www.ea.com py.


Radio Nacional del Paraguay (920 AM/95.1 FM, www.radionacionaldelparaguay.com.py) is run by the government and focuses on national events and news. Programming also includes Paraguayan folklore shows featuring music and Guarani lessons (5pm to 7pm, weekdays). Consistently driven off the air during the Stroessner era for its anti-government broadcasts, today Radio Nanduti (1020AM, www.nanduti.com.py) is an excellent source of national and international news with politically themed talk shows. The website also features several blogs and podcasts. Both stations can be streamed online.

Radio FM Concert (107.7 FM) stands out among the commercial radio stations due to its eclectic programming featuring a mix of classical, bossa nova, and traditional Paraguayan music with a few other genres thrown in for good measure. This station is an excellent source of information about upcoming cultural events in Asuncion and around the country.

In the countryside, airwaves are serviced mainly by smaller community stations. The majority of these stations run on low-power antennas and thus have very little reach. They generally announce the latest news and upcoming community events and fill the remaining airtime with polka, guaranias, and a fair amount of religious programming.

Sidebar: Reggaeton is very popular as are 80’s rock and euro-pop tunes. Over the course of an hour you are likely to hear Daddy Yankee Creedence Clearwater, and Queen played on the same station.

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