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Translation of the NT usually falls into group H the Hesychian. Numerous codices of both translations go back as far as the 4th c. and are thus very important for textual criticism, but all work in this field is still at an early stage. Particularly unclear are the relations within Coptic between the different versions, in different dialects and within the same dialect. If we can believe Epiphanius Panar. LXVII, the first original author in Coptic was Hieracas of Leontopolis, a monk of heterodox tendencies; but nothing of his survives. An original Coptic literature, albeit somewhat rudimentary in form, arose within Pachomian monasticism: we possess works in Coptic esp. circular letters by Pachomius himself, Theodore of Tabennesi and Horsiesi. The author who raised the language to a level comparable to that of contemporary literary languages Greek included was Shenoute 350466?, archimandrite of the monastery of Athrib today called the White Monastery in Upper Egypt, most of whose vast output has survived. His successor Besa was also a prolific author of letters and catecheses and wrote a biography of Shenoute. At the same time an abundant industry developed, translating texts of the Greek Fathers, incl. Alexandrian Egyptians like Athanasius, Theophilus and Cyril, who do not appear to have written or preached in Coptic.

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1770 In February, Alexander McDougall is put in jail for Best places in Hawaii printing subversive flyers in New York. On March 5, the British military is unable to disperse Best places in Hawaii a mob of colonists in Boston peacefully. The violence that results will become known as the Boston Massacre. Five colonists die and others are wounded. On April 12, the Townshend Acts, which imposed taxes on certain goods that colonists import, are repealed. On November 27, the Boston Massacre trials begin to decide the fate of the eight British soldiers and one officer involved in this incident. All are acquitted on the basis of self-defense, except for two privates, who are branded on their left thumbs and released. 1772 On June 9, colonists from Rhode Island attack and burn the Royal Navy schooner Gaspee after it runs aground.

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