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Chichester is a magnet for pilgrims, artists, historians, Malaysia Map Tourist Attractions tourists and shoppers, so it is perhaps unsurprising that it should have spawned so many splendid eateries Malaysia Map Tourist Attractions and, in particular, teashops.

Although this walk will focus in on three, I cannot resist mentioning a number of others along the way, and you may well spot many more that I have not mentioned! Before you start, a couple of words of advice. Firstly, please note that Sunday is not a good day to do any part of this walk, since two of the tearooms featured do not at present open on Sunday, and many of the shops are shut on Sunday as well.

Secondly, market forces are notoriously unpredictable and although the teaplaces featured here were all thriving at the time of writing, one cannot rule out the possibility of any (though hopefully not all!) of them ceasing to trade as teaplaces and becoming either posh, upmarket restaurants – as has happened to what used to be my very favourite teashop in Chichester – or, worse still, discount retailers flogging inferior quality toys and bargain packs of underpants. You begin your walk at the railway station, one of the less aesthetically pleasing buildings in the city. Turn left out of the station forecourt and make your way past the Globe pub and the Job Centre, crossing over the Avenue de Chartres by the pedestrian crossing and continuing in the same direction into South Street.

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