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History for Albuquerque

The palace itself, situated on your right as you reach Albuquerque Subway Map the gardens, dates back to the early thirteenth century, and is a magnificent building of brick Albuquerque Subway Map and flint. Following the path, you reach a T-junction with a wider path and turn left on to this, arriving at the busy Avenue de Chartres. Turn right and almost immediately arrive at a roundabout, at which you turn right into West Street again. Arguably the two most striking buildings in this part of West Street are the mid-eighteenth-century Marriott House on your right, and the splendid late-seventeenth-century redbrick Edes House to your left.

A little further up on the left is the former church of St Peter the Great, built in the mid-nineteenth century. It now houses a bar known as The Toad; formerly, much to the annoyance of many townsfolk, this previously sacred building was called The Slurping Toad! Turn left into Tower Street, following it until you reach the library which is to your left, and here turn right into the Woolstaplers, bearing left at the T-junction to follow Chapel Street; on the left as you follow Chapel Street is Providence Chapel, built in 1809.

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