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San Jose White and 115 men, women, and San Jose Map Tourist Attractions children arrive at Roanoke in the summer. Virginia Dare is born the first English child born in San Jose Map Tourist Attractions North Country. John White returns to England for supplies. When he returns in 1590, the colony has disappeared. White discovers destroyed buildings, a ransacked fort, and the word Croatoan scratched into one of the stockade posts. Though search parties look for the colonists through the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, they are never found.

Their disappearance is shrouded in rumor and legend. They may have been assimilated into local tribes, killed by local tribes, or killed by Powhatan during his conquest of the area in the early 1600s. 16071620 Expeditions from Jamestown report fertile territory and friendly natives in North Carolina. English settlement begins slowly. 1650 Virginia officials begin to grant land in North Carolina to hunters, trappers, traders, farmers, and gentlemen. By 1663, more than 500 English people live on Albemarle Sound.

By 1665, Albemarle County government is established, along Virginian lines, with a governor and legislative council. Planters begin to grow tobacco for profit, using indentured servants and African slaves, though Africans never constitute the same percentage of North Carolina’s population as they do in South Carolina or Virginia.

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