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It has a particularly fine garden with parterres and terraces divided San Jose Metro Map by yew hedges. Following the track away from the manor, you remain in the valley only San Jose Metro Map briefly, before bearing right – still on the South Downs Way – and climbing a stepped path, now in the forest. On reaching the top you simply keep to the path, observing South Downs Way signposts, ignoring tracks leading off to the right and left, and in due course the houses of Westdean become apparent to your right.

You reach a T-junction of paths and turn right to descend to the village, then turn left onto the main village street which contains the church. Westdean is one of the most unspoilt villages in Sussex, its flint cottages, high flint walls and large barns sheltered by the beeches of Friston Forest. The flint-built rectory dates from the thirteenth century, and retains the interior shutters which were in use before glass was fitted in its windows.

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