A&K Villas has some of the world’s most beautiful properties on its books, with each chosen for its fabulous location, polished decor and impressive floorplan. We can’t get enough of its splendid villas in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, plus there are also its chic chalets to consider. When it comes to honeymoon self-catering, we expect certain standards – such as luxurious bedlinens, optional private chefs or nannies for those with little ones. It’s here that A&K really comes into its own. And its fixers will also happily arrange guided excursions, when you want to see the local area.


On reaching the lighthouse, however, the accommodation was found to be full and the crew had to take shelter in a derelict building for the next two days. At about the same time as the lifeboat arrived, a fishing smack also reached the wreck and its crew began salvaging some of the cargo, including two boxes of soap. They carried it to the water’s edge, but when they tried to load it onto the fishing smack, it almost capsized and all they ended up with was two light, hair-filled mattresses. The Forfarshire was so smashed up that wood from her was actually washed up at Beadnell, seven miles to the south. On 12 September, the moveable and loose objects from the wreck were taken to North Sunderland by a Mr Sinclair on behalf of Lloyd’s of London and then the wreck itself was sold for £70 to a Dundee shipwright, a Mr Adamson. Grace Darling and her father were both awarded medals by the Royal Humane Society and public donations of £800 were raised for Grace, but only £270 was raised for her father. Grace became a national heroine as word got out about the rescue, but very soon the truth became distorted.

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