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After Dark

The usual tool for getting around after dark is, of course, a flashlight. On a moonlit night you may not even need one. If you’re just sitting around it may be preferable to leave the light off, except when there’s something specific you need to focus on. Your eyes will then adjust more completely to the dark.

Candlelight is very pleasant and provides a softer, less intrusive light than a flashlight or other artificial source. As long as the evening isn’t breezy or windy, lighting a candle or two will create a very appealing effect, and even provide enough light for certain tasks.

A candle lantern is another option favored by some campers, and this item provides a solution to the potential wind problem. It’s essentially a windproof little container with glass windows that holds a candle inside. A candle lantern can be used in lieu of a flashlight or headlamp for reading, and hung from a branch or elsewhere. For reasons of safety avoid lighting and using it inside a tent except with the greatest caution.

An assortment of gas-burning and battery-operated lanterns of various sizes are widely available. These lanterns have long been used by car-camp-ers, are often very bright, and surely aren’t necessary on a wilderness camping trip. Do you really need a powerful light in the evening? Most people don’t. Such lanterns are probably popular for the same reasons as campfires: they provide a sense of security. A superbright light will dominate a large area, and has a considerable impact on the environment at night. Anyone else camping nearby may well find it obnoxious.

There are also some relatively small, compact, less intrusive lanterns being sold. Unless you have a clear need for one, though, avoid bringing a lantern, or at least keep it turned down to a dim setting. If you want to take a lantern into your tent, for safety reasons it should be a battery-operated one.

Except when you want to read, or have a specific task to carry out, try letting a little more of the night into your campsite, rather than trying to shut it out with a bright light. Once you come to feel comfortable in nature at night you may find you prefer to have a minimum of artificial lighting around camp.

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Coinciding with Wilkes’s election was King George III’s appointment of the Earl of Bute as prime minister. Indianapolis Map Tourist Attractions This upset many members of Parliament, who felt that Bute was not qualified to serve in this position. Wilkes quickly became Bute’s most vehement critic; his criticism became even more vehement when, in June 1762, he created The North Briton, his own newspaper, to further attack George III and Bute. Wilkes was soon arrested for seditious libel, but his case was dismissed because of his status as a member of Parliament. The episode increased Wilkes’s reputation as a protector of English liberties. In the colonies, silversmith and future patriot Paul Revere celebrated Wilkes’s criticism of the king and Bute by creating a punchbowl weighing 45 ounces and holding 45 gills (half-cup servings), after the issue number of The North Briton in which the allegedly seditious article appeared. At a banquet, other future patriots, including James Otis, Jr. and John Adams, drank 45 toasts from it. Indeed, throughout the colonies, the number 45 became symbolic of resistance to tyranny.

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