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Intelligent Haunting

When a spirit or ghost is aware of its surrounding. Often they will respond to questions being asked or make noises such as footsteps, turning lights on and doors closing. In an intelligent haunting it is not uncommon for objects to move or be hidden. The spirit can take on traits of the living person with certain odors or smells from perfume, flowers, cigarettes, etc.

K-2 Meter

A new and supposedly advanced EMF detector that uses lights instead of a needle to detect energy levels. It can be used to communicate with the spirits by asking them to flash the light for yes/no answers.


A person’s ability to see something familiar, most often in a photograph, from a series of complex colors or designs. The most common objects seen are a face or body. Extreme caution should be used when reviewing photographs that are dark or blurred to avoid this.


People with the ability to communicate with the dead. Physical mediums draw energies so their clients will hear or see sounds, knocks and images. Mental mediums will see, hear and sense the sounds. The spirit communicates through the medium.

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