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The allwhite counter on the cherry-finished bar, for Madison Map Tourist Attractions example, helps tasters appreciate the color of the wines. There is no gift shop, and Madison Map Tourist Attractions only a handful of items are for sale apart from bottles of wines, primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, plus small quantities of other varieties. Dooley sources Pinot Noir grapes from Stone Corral Vineyard in the Edna Valley, planted in 2001, which he owns in partnership with two local wineries.

He also obtains small lots from several of Central California’s most respected vineyards. Soil samples from present and past sources are displayed on a windowsill, and visitors are invited to touch and sniff them A visit to the winery is much like being welcomed into a winemaker’s family home. Dooley built a long Shaker-style table with poplar planks and alder end boards, which comfortably seats twelve, in a nook under a stairwell.






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