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At 3 o’clock Capt. Preston was committed, Sweden Map Tourist Attractions as were the soldiers who fir’d, a few hour after him. Tuesday morning presented Sweden Map Tourist Attractions a most shocking scene, the blood of our fellow-citizens running like water thro’ King-street, and the Merchant’s Exchange, the principal spot of the military parade for about 18 months past. Our blood might also be track’d up to the head of Long-Lane, and thro’ divers other streets and passages. At eleven o’clock, the inhabitants met at Faneuil Hall, and after some animated speeches, becoming the occasion, they chose a Committee of 15 respectable Gentlemen, to wait upon the Lieut. Governor in Council, to request of him to issue his orders for the immediate removal of the troops .

As my thoughts returned to the present, I wondered if any of Elton Baldwin’s energy might remain to haunt the prison. Hopefully we would collect evidence that might validate that possibility.

I turned my attention back to Lorena who was ending her series of questions in the hole. We moved to other cells on the top floor continuing the investigation.

Our eyes scanned the interior of one cell. Faded names and words were scrawled on the chipped walls. We tried to make out some of the names and words. One former prisoner named Eric wrote, “Damn, how’d this happen?”

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