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The German culinary tradition emphasizes pork and veal, potatoes, cabbage, dumplings, and beer. German wines are among the best but are not produced in the quantities found in Italy, France, and Algeria. Lard is the common fat used in cooking. A typical German meal includes sausage, bread, potatoes, and beer. In some places beer is less expensive than milk.

The three favorite foods of Germany, says one report, are yellow pea soup with bock-wurst (a chubby frankfurter), bacon along with eisbein (pig hock) and sauerkraut. Roast goose with dumplings is also a favorite.

Germans like dozens of sausage varieties. Blutwurst, blood sausage, is one of their favorites. The French like their variety boudin noir even more. Blood pudding, as the English call it, is not quite de rigueur. Blutwurst, say the Germans, is best served with plenty of beer or added to choucroute, fresh sauerkraut combined with meat. Or the blutwurst may be lightly smoked, dried, and sliced for snacking. The best known sausage of German origin, of course, is the frankfurter.

History of Germany: To this likewise must be added, the necessity they are Germany Map Tourist Attractions under of laying the whole charge of supporting their government on the Indian trade. I am not Germany Map Tourist Attractions particularly informed of their duties or imposts, but I am well assured, that they commonly give six or seven hundred livres for a licence for one canoe, in proportion to her largeness, to go with her loading into the Indian country to trade. I shall next consider the advantages the inhabitants of New-York have in carrying on this trade. In the first place, the ships that constantly use the trade to England, perform their voyage to and from London twice every year; and those that go to Bristol, the port from whence the greatest part of the goods for the Indian trade are exported, frequently return in four months. These goods are bought much cheaper in England than in France: they are transported in less time, with less charge, and much less risk, as appears by the premium for insurance between London and New-York, being only two per cent. Goods are easily carried from New-York to Albany up the Hudson River, the distance being only 140 miles, the river very straight all the way, and bold, and very free from sand banks, as well as rocks; so that the vessels always sail as well by night as by day, and have the advantage of the tide upwards as well as downwards, the flood flowing above Albany.

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