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I. Language and literature – II. Church. I. Language and literature. The adjective Coptic is derived through Arabic from the Greek Aigyptios Egyptian. The Egyptian Arabs used it to designate anything which, in contrast to themselves, was native Egyptian: population, religion, language, customs. Transplanted into the West, the term is the source of many ambiguities and would be advantageously replaced by Egyptian. For traditional reasons we will speak here of the Coptic language as the last stage of the native language of the Egyptians 2nd-12th c. and of Coptic literature as that which, in original works or translations, was expressed in that language; and of the Coptic church as that most genuinely Egyptian from the 5th c. to the present: but we will consider only the period covered by the present encyclopedia. The language, derived from Egyptian and partly from Greek, was objectively the most characteristic element that marked out the non-Chalcedonian Egyptian Church more exactly styled the Coptic Orthodox Church, though it was never used exclusively and, from the 10th c. may be considered a dead language. The alphabet is the Greek, in Late Antique capitals, with the addition of some signs derived from demotic Egyptian script.

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In June, Congress adopts the country’s official seal St. Paul Metro Map . The Great Seal of the United States is used by General George Washington on a document authorizing St. Paul Metro Map a prisoner exchange with the British on September 16. In November, preliminary peace terms are agreed upon by delegates of the United States and Britain, signaling the end of the Revolutionary War. 1783 Portugal recognizes the independence of the United States. U.S. troops threaten to mutiny if they do not receive their back pay. On September 3, the Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the Revolutionary War. General George Washington gives his last orders to the Continental army on October 2; the army is disbanded a month later. In December, General George Washington resigns from his post as commander in chief of the Continental army and returns to his home at Mount Vernon, Virginia. 1784 In January, the legislature of Connecticut enacts a program of gradual emancipation.

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