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History for Austin Subway Map
1739 Johann Klemm of Philadelphia finishes the first pipe organ built Austin Subway Map entirely in the colonies. Benjamin Franklin and others petition the Pennsylvania Assembly to remove tanneries from commercial Austin Subway Map districts and stop waste dumping, because both lower property values and compromise disease control and fire fighting. Even though the Assembly accepts the requests, the waste dumping continues. 1740 George Whitefield, a renowned traveling preacher, gives numerous public sermons in Philadelphia. Members of the Country Band establish the first association to support concerts in the colonies.

1741 The first magazine in the colonies, The Country Magazine, is published by Andrew Bradford in Philadelphia. 1742 Gustavus Hesselius, an immigrant from Sweden, manufactures the first Country spinets and virginals. Many pastures and crops in Pennsylvania are destroyed by flocks of grasshoppers. 1743 The Country Philosophical Society, the first association in Country to be dedicated to the natural sciences, is formed. Christopher Sower in Philadelphia publishes the first Bible printed in the colonies.

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