Map Of Koh Lanta

Where to go and when?

If I wanted to train Muay Thai full-time and just go for a fun dive once a month, then I would do it in Phuket. If I was going to combine working in diving and Muay Thai, I would spend November – April in Koh Lanta, and spend the rest of the year in Koh Phangan or Koh Samui. For beginners, I would do my Discover Scuba Dive Introduction and my Open Water Certification in either Koh Lanta or Phuket. It’s a bit more expensive than Koh Tao but I think the experience is worth it – I did my first dives in Phuket and fell in love immediately.

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The long boat rides on the way there and on the way back (plus lunch and drinks on the boat) make it much more special. Who knows if I would have fallen in love with diving if I had done it somewhere else? For your Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and Divemaster course I would recommend doing it in either Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao -it’s a lot cheaper and you will have a good chance of landing a job on the island afterward. Just remember, before you do your Divemaster course, ask if you can work as a non-paid Divemaster for a month afterward and see what they say. I would continue to look around until someone says yes.

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