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Logging History

While the Wilderness Act of 1964 defines wilderness in part as land retaining its primeval character and influence without permanent improvements with the imprint of man’s work substantially unno-ticeable, the BWCAW has seen its days of human impact. As early as 1922, logging companies began to move in on the forests around Angleworm and Home lakes. The Cloquet Lumber Company, after acquiring the logging operations of the Swallow and Hopkins Company, built spurs off the Duluth, Mesabi, and Iron Range Railroad to the east of Angleworm and Home lakes. They cut some big timber in the area, but because most of it originated after the 1822 fire and was too small to be of economic interest, they left tracts of forest uncut. Also, the fact that the federal government owned the land prevented the large scale logging of mature pines that companies conducted in other parts of the region.

The United States Forest Service used the spur line to Angleworm Lake until the late 1930s for access to a lookout tower on a ridge along the west side of the lake. The rails were finally removed around 1940. The 1940s also saw the arrival of small-scale logging on the east side of Angleworm Lake. With the conversion of the old railroad grade into a roadbed, trucks could haul the cut timber. At one time, there was a temporary sawmill on the east shore of the lake. Today, large fuel tanks, fuel pumps, fuel cans, and other debris sit alongside the trail to the campsite located about 3.7 miles into this hike. Small-scale logging continued in the area into the 1970s.

Although staffed mostly by young Harvard graduates, Yale quickly took New England higher education in a new direction. Best US cities to visit in winter hile the curriculum was built around the traditional subjects being taught at Harvard and in England, Yale soon acquired a reputation in science and divinity. By the 1720s, the new science and philosophy of Newton and Locke was being taught; and by the 1750s, owing to the enthusiasm of President Thomas Clap, Yale became the first college to demand knowledge of arithmetic as a condition of admission. Clap procured scientific instruments for the college, including a frictional electrical machine donated by his friend Benjamin Franklin, and built an orrery to show the movement of the planets.

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