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Plaza Midwood and NoDa

VANLANDINGHAM ESTATE OO2010 The Plaza, 704/334-8909, www. vanl andinghame state. com

The estate was designed to serve as the home of local cotton baron Ralph VanLandingham and his family. He commissioned local architects Charles Christian Hook and Willard G. Rogers to design the home and paid just $6,000 for the home when it was completed in 1913. The estate remained a private home until the late 1980s. At one point, a developer stepped in to purchase the estate with the intent of leveling the home and building condominiums. The sale was stopped and the home was instead turned into a nineroom bed-and-breakfast ($179-269 d) decorated with period furnishings. The home retains its original architectural features, including a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, arched windows, and a wraparound stone porch. Several of the rooms have sleeping porches. A traditional Southern breakfast is served in the dining room. The grounds are as impressive as the home and boast a total of 65 gardens within the five-acre estate. Both the gardens and the home are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the VanLandingham Estate, the grounds are as pretty as the historic inn.

Joliet, who had been chosen to conduct this enterprise, Best states to visit in the USA on the 13th May, 1673, with five other Frenchmen, in two bark canoes. We Best states to visit in the USA laid in some Indian corn and smoked beef for our voyage. We first took care, however, to draw from the Indians all the information we could, concerning the countries through which we designed to travel, and drew up a map, on which we marked down the rivers, nations, and points of the compass to guide us in our journey. The first nation we came to was called the Folles-Avoines, or the nation of wild oats. I entered their river to visit them, as I had preached among them some years before. The wild oats, from which they derive their name, grow spontaneously in their country .

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