Best place to vacation in Hawaii


You get no argument from residents of Hana, Maui that the road that gets there from the populated part of Maui is the worst in all the United States. The residents want to keep it that way. They say, As long as the road is rough as Hell, the life in Hana will remain like Heaven. They want only a limited number of visitors. The road is full of pukas, potholes. The scenery along the narrow winding road, one lane at times, is beautiful. The combination of bad roads and good scenery means about fifteen miles per hour over the fifty-five-mile road.

The Hana Hotel in Hana is low key, first-class and provides its guests with bountiful buffets and access to their beach, a cove described by James Michener as the most beautiful in the Pacific.

A little farther down the road is the grave of Charles Lindbergh, who loved Hana and wished to remain there forever.

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