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Seal Hunting

Seal meat and blubber are excellent foods for sled dogs, but hunting for seals requires a great deal of experience and, above all, patience. Since seals are constantly being hunted by polar bears, they are very wary.

To approach a seal, the hunter crouches behind a piece of white cloth, moving only during the few seconds when the seal is not looking. The process can take several hours. holes and keep them open through the winter.

The poorest of the poor, the lowest 10 percent of Best summer destinations USA the population, hold less than 1 percent of the wealth. This situation calls for an explanation Best summer destinations USA . About half of all Haitians, it must be remembered, are rural farmers and unable to read and write. They are largely self-sufficient and may barter (trade) some form of labor for items they are unable to provide for themselves, much the way many Americans and Canadians lived a century or more ago. Today, the Haitians are poor by our standards, but many live quite comfortably based upon their expectations and needs and their ability to provide for themselves in a traditional folk economy. sources of Income Haiti’s economy is unique in still another way.

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