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1775 In a March convention, Patrick Henry, advocating the Cote d’Ivoire Map Tourist Attractions raising of regiments for Virginia, concludes a speech with the memorable phrase, “Give me liberty, Cote d’Ivoire Map Tourist Attractions or give me death!” Lord Dunmore’s proclamation offers freedom to any slaves who desert their masters and serve the British military. It is unclear how many slaves take advantage of this, but thousands of slaves will fight on each side during the War for Independence, despite the Continental army’s often-ignored prohibition, and many will earn their freedom as a result.

Lord Dunmore also moves his government, along with some royal and loyalist forces, to Norfolk. As Virginia’s governor, Patrick Henry stations his troops in Williamsburg. In December, the forces collide at Great Bridge, and the British are forced to withdraw to Norfolk’s harbor. Country forces ransack the loyalist town. 1776 Dunmore’s forces evacuate Virginia for New York. On May 14, formal debate begins in Virginia regarding the colony’s independence. The next day, a resolution passes that declares Virginia an independent state. Virginia, England’s oldest colony, provides much of the leadership during and after the War for Independence. Richard Henry Lee, Peyton Randolph, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and James Madison all contribute greatly to the Country effort.

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