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These reasons the specific use of the Flavian amphitheater and the carrying out of damnatio ad bestias in the arena are the possible historical basis of the hagiographical tradition attested by more than 15 martyrial passiones, which present the Flavian amphitheater as the scene of martyrdom; they can also explain the link that Christians wanted to form with the building from the 5th to the 6th c. whether in the elaboration of these very hagiographical traditions or in the use of areas near the building as cemeteries but not inside it, as with other amphitheaters; see Ferrua; Rea, Rota Colisei, 121-125, or during the Middle Ages, as the seat of religious communities, churches and the via crucis in or near it.

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The copper-topped bar that Garretson installed parallels the back Cleveland Subway Map wall of the simple space. Wooden sheathing made of the printed sides of French wine grape boxes Cleveland Subway Map covers the front of the bar. Behind the bar, windows offer a peek into the winery, where Myers producers. crafts small-lot reserve wines. The rest of the wines are made at Paso Robles Wine Services. The wines bear fanciful names, such as High on the Hog, referring to wild pigs roaming the source vineyard, and Hand Over Fist, an ever-changing Rhone-style blend.

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