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Ecto can also be created during periods of high humidity and low-lying clouds/fog. Mist or streaks of light can occur with or without a flash if the aperture setting of the camera is slow. This can give you a very clear picture but cause any light source to streak (See Samples 8,9,10).

Sample 8: Smoke looks like ectoplasm.

Blame the camera as well for that dark shadow frequently showing up in pictures. A weak flash, a finger partially obscuring a portion of the lens or even a camera strap will give off uneven lighting creating a dark shadow, mist or shadow person to appear (See Sample 11).

Sample 11: Camera strap.

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On 27 March 1920, the Torkel was sold to Nicolas Pappalas and Collakis, Chios, Greece for £24,000 and renamed Aepos; Nicolas Pappalas was the owner at the time of loss. On 25 December 1920, the Aepos was on passage with a cargo of iron from Rotterdam for Borrowstounness (Bo’ness) in the Firth of Forth, but sprang a leak 25 miles off the Longstone Lighthouse in the Outer Farne Islands. The crew took to the lifeboat and abandoned their vessel, which was left drifting in a westerly direction, 15 miles east of Holy Island. The crew also reached Holy Island later that day. The wreck, which is probably that of the Aepos, is orientated in a SSE to NNW direction with the bows to the NNW. It lies on a firm seabed of gravel, black shells, mud and fine sand in a general depth of 70 m (LAT). The wreck is upright and intact, standing over 6 m high and covering an area 51 m long and 7 m across. If the bell is located it should be inscribed: Uman 1873. Large numbers of fish have been observed over the top of the wreck. The Times, however, states that: the submarine had been firing at the trawler without warning.

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