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The village of Amberley is dominated by its castle ruin. Chile Map Tourist Attractions The castle, dating back to the twelfth century, was not so much a defensive fortification as Chile Map Tourist Attractions a summer residence for the medieval bishops of Chichester, but during the late fourteenth century, when there was a very real threat from the French, Bishop Rede enlarged the palace, building a great curtain wall to protect the north side of the Arun Valley.

Even today the high south face of the castle maintains a superb setting close to the river Arun. Much of the church of St Michael dates from shortly after the Norman Conquest and is the work of Bishop Luffa, who built Chichester Cathedral. The church is renowned for its wall paintings dating from the twelfth century, and among the monuments is a brass of a knight wearing the armour of the Agincourt period. The houses in the village are a happy mixture of timber, brick, stone, thatch, tile and, of course, flint.

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