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1676 Nathaniel Bacon, one of the wealthiest planters in Virginia Serbia Map , heads a rebellion against Native Countrys and his cousin, Governor William Berkeley. Fighting erupts when Serbia Map a party of Doeg Indians begins raiding white farms on the James River as retaliation for crooked trading practices. Bacon takes matters into his own hands and slaughters a group of Susquehannocks, who have been allied with Virginia for decades. 1680 The Pueblo, chafing under Spanish civil and ecclesiastical authority, rebel.

Led by Pop©, a Tewa who suffered physical abuse at the hands of the Spanish, the Pueblo lay aside traditional rivalries in order to cast off the Spanish. The Spanish who survive the initial attack hole up at Santa Fe, where they face a numerically superior Pueblo army. The Spanish are able to fight their way out of Santa Fe, although they have to retreat all the way to the present site of El Paso, Texas. The Pueblo kill 200 of the 1,000 Spanish colonists and half of the forty or so priests. This is one of the greatest setbacks the native peoples have yet inflicted on European colonization in North Country. New Mexico reverts to Pueblo control for more than a decade.

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