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Researching the Unplanned in Amsterdam

The pursuit of researching the unknown’ or unplanned in IJburg and potentially stimulating fields of interaction’ (van Heeswijk 19 May 2010 interview) with neighbours resulted in many members enacting problem-solving or heuristic methodologies. In addition, whilst not being trained in anthropological research methods, or necessarily interested in applying its frameworks for designing research methodologies, Blue House members took the role of embedded observer-participants conducting pre-visit research and fieldwork that investigated the forms, behaviour and conditions of everyday life and culture at IJburg.

Initial promotion of The Blue House by van Heeswijk and the live-in manager aimed to connect with the population of Block 35 and invite IJburg residents to utilize its resources (van Heeswijk 2008: 35). However, individual members residing in The Blue House keenly felt the challenge of how to engage IJburg residents in their daily lives (Leao 22 May 2010 interview with author), a sentiment that is noted by anthropologists in the field (Jongmans and Gutkind 1967). Members succeeded in creating contact with residents often through processes resembling anthropological fieldwork, particularly employing anthropological field tools such as a range of communication, negotiation and cooperation processes to generate rapport and data, including conversation and the creation of visual records. These tools for understanding the cultural and social conditions at IJburg produce different ways of seeing’ people in their cultural context according to visual anthropologist David MacDougall (2006: 242). However, a distinct epistemological difference between the members’ methods and formal anthropology was that documentation and projects were activated for participants and members’ benefit or aims, rather than reported for synthesis and development of specialized knowledge.4

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