Bruges Map

Bruges Map


Despite Bruges’s popularity, reasonably-priced accommodations are available just blocks from the city center. Reserve in advance, as rooms can be hard to come by on weekends.

De Passage, Dweersstr. 26 (34 02 32). Ideal location, friendly service, great rooms, and a popular cafe. Free beer with dinner and a free t-shirt after a 3-night stay. Break fast ‚3. Reception daily 8:30am-llpm. Dorms ‚12; singles ‚22; doubles ‚40.

18 Hotel Lybeer, Korte Vuldersstr. 31 (33 43 55; Great loca tion. Old-fashioned charm with modern comforts. Backpacker-friendly. Breakfast included. Free Internet access. Reception daily 7:30am-midnight. Singles ‚25; doubles ‚43; triples ‚57; quads ‚89.

Keizershof, Oostmeers 126 (33 87 28; Pretty, com fortable rooms on a quiet street. Breakfast included. Laundry ‚8. Singles ‚25; doubles ‚38; triples ‚60; quads ‚70.

Bauhaus International Youth Hotel, Langestr. 133-137 (34 10 93; info@bau- Cybercafe and popular bar. Nearby laundromat. Breakfast ‚2. Reception Su- Th 8am-lam, F-Sa 8am-3am. Dorms ‚11-23; doubles ‚25-35.

Charlie Rockets, Hoogstr. 19 (33 06 60; Central location. Packed restaurant and bar. Breakfast included. Reception daily 8am-4am. In summer, email reservation required. Dorms ‚14; doubles ‚42.

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