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1718 In the same year that the French establish New Orleans Tokyo Subway Map along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Spanish move their range of northern settlements farther Tokyo Subway Map east to meet this perceived incursion. Indeed, the French have reached the Gulf of Mexico by cleaving the eastern half of Spanish settlement (Florida) from the western half (New Mexico and Texas). The settlement of San Antonio de Bexar and its mission, the Alamo, are founded in an attempt to redress what has been relative inattention to these northern regions.

Additional Spanish expeditions range even farther northward, reaching present-day North Platte, Nebraska. Although the French will not be dislodged from the North Country interior until the 1760s, Spanish settlements in Texas reflect a gradual awareness on the part of the Spanish colonial bureaucracy that there is a French threat that needs to be met. For the next few decades, however, the northern regions of Spanish colonization remain distinctly secondary priorities to both the colonial authorities and the royal ministry back in Spain, and they are essentially regarded as lightly settled backwaters.

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