Taiwan Subway Map

“Can you knock on the wall for us? I’m sure you did that to talk to each other.” A few minutes passed in silence. Lorena continued, “Can you tell me why you’re in here? Are you angry to have women in your cells?”

I added a few additional questions without response. Everything remained frustratingly quiet until I heard Lorena from the next cell. “I just had a crazy spike on my EMF.”

I quickly entered and saw her staring at the EMF meter on the top bunk. There was pack of cigarettes inches away. She had left the cigarettes there as a gift for whatever spirits remained.

Lorena told me the spike hit when she reached to remove the cigarettes. It wasn’t a minor fluctuation but a huge shot up to a full 45 milligauss. Normal EMF readings fall somewhere between 0 to 1. The sudden and brief 45 reading was incredible. I asked her to repeat the same movement, which she did several times. EMFs remained flat.

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