Fortaleza Subway Map

The next EVP was captured in the hallway of the second floor cellblock, near the portraits of Allegan’s former sheriffs. It said, “Sheriff Pratt.” Though Sheriff Pratt served before the jail museum was built, we wonder if his spirit might remain attached to this portrait.

An additional EVP was collected on this cellblock, “Jules here.” There is a member of the Hauntings Paranormal team called Jules, but she wasn’t at this particular investigation. It could, however, be Julia (Jules) Ferris. Julia, who was frequently called Jules, was the wife of Sheriff Volney Ferris. Jules prepared and served meals much like other sheriffs’ wives. Could it be a former prisoner at the jail telling others that the sheriff’s wife had come to bring a meal.

For Lorena and I, one of the more eventful times during the investigation occurred on the second floor cellblock. Her EMF reader spiked to a full 45 as she reached for the pack of cigarettes on a bunk. Just after she recreated the same action, my digital recorder picked up these words, “I see that.” There may well have been someone besides Lorena in that cell, and it seems like was craving just one more smoke.

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