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CRUCEIRO / DRINKING FONT [MORQUINTIAN] After a rest(?) continue straight on (right) after [100m] up into the village of Morquintian and at the top of village [100m] continue straight on (right) along road for [1,400m] turning Left onto track. The next stretch is a lovely high path around the slopes of As Aferroas and Monte de Facho de Lourido with views over the Ria de Camarinas before descending to the praia de Lourido and rejoining the road into Muxia. Continue up for [1,500m] to the highest point and follow the wide track down for another [1,800m] passing the village of Xurarantes and down onto the main road [500m]. OPCION [!] Either follow the way marked road all the way into Muxia or turn down Left (over the road) veering right and then left by Eucalyptus tree and onto sandy path onto the beach at Praia de Lourido [600m]. This is a delightful unspoilt beach. Make your way up the path [300m] that rejoins the main road above the beach at:

6.3 km PRAIA DE LOURIDO [VIEWPOINT] From here follow the road along a bleak stretch past the football ground and down into the square in:

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1.7 km MUXIA [SEA FRONT PLAZA] From here make your way by any one of a number of diverse routes through the sprawling town to the main promenade and harbour. Head out over or around the side of Monte Corpirio (the raised hillock behind which is the Sanctuario da Nosa Sefiora da Barca). Passing the Parish Church with its separate bell tower (900m). A final (500m) brings us to our pilgrim destination:

1.4 km SANTUARIO De Nosa Seriora Da BARCA An austere XVIII church built on the edge of the Atlantic on the bleak headland known as the Punta da Barca. Here the strange shapes of the rocks have given rise to its name (Barca translates as Boat). This was, and remains, an important place of pilgrimage, both in its own right and as part of the many Rutas de Jacobea. It makes up one of the three most important romenas (local pilgrimages) in Galicia: 11) the Virgen de A Barca celebrated in Muxfa between 9th-15th September; [2] San Andres de Teixido on 8th September (this latter is an isolated hermitage on the Northern tip of Spain above Ferrol – some 10km North of Cedeira); [3] and El Cristo de Fisterra during Holy Week (Semana Santa). From here it is 1.3km back along the sea front to the main hotel in Muxia, La Cruz.

The sea front has a selection of bars and at the far end is the modem Hostal La Cruz. 25 rooms from €25 single. Dining room and bar. Tel: 981 – 742 084. Playa de Lago (8 km out of town in Merexo) 12 rooms from €25 single. Tel:

There are several camping sites along the Playa Lago-Merexo and hotels at Os Muifios & Los Molinos (981 -750 612)(see stage 5).

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