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So was mahjong. In many oases some of the dwellings China road map download are built underground, as protection from the summer heat and the howling, gritty winds. China road map download These hut-sized rectangular pits are reached by a sloping trench and roofed over with wood, poles, straw matting and a layer of sand – making them invisible but for the occasional chimneys sticking up through the sand. Back inside the bus, I brought out my map of China to see how far we had progressed, and people crowded around to take a look. I was impressed by how many of them knew how to read a map. To make use of my companions’ interest I asked various people to show me their home town.

View at the top of the light tower

Turning around the cramped chamber of the tower, we quickly understood why Tim and Brad would not be investigating this area. The noise from the motor turning the still functional light was very loud, making EVP work out of the question. In addition, the staircase was so narrow and winding it would be impossible to position a video camera to cover more than a few feet.

Night was approaching and it was time to begin the investigation. UPPRS had their equipment positioned. They would be using video cameras and audio recorders strategically placed throughout the living quarters and basement. Members would carry thermo gages and EMF meters to check for sudden temperature variations or spikes in electromagnetic fields that may signal the beginning of paranormal activity.

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