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When I asked him what cargo his truck carried he pointed Guangzhou Subway Map to some bits of paper. It wouldn’t be a load of milled paper – there are Guangzhou Subway Map not enough trees in the Gobi for paper-making; perhaps some other ingredient or chemical for paper. Among their technological achievements the Chinese invented paper, in AD 100-200. They were the inventors of printing and developed a currency of paper money; as well as printing the world’s first book, they were the originators of dictionaries and encyclopaedias. All these ideas flowed to Europe along the Silk Road. Next morning I braced myself for an early assault on the Chinese railway system again.

Foy’s death occurred just moments before the police were to arrest him. It seems he had shot and seriously injured a man he thought was the editor of a Union City newspaper. The editor had written a condemning article about Foy. In it he stated that if Foy was so reticent in telling others about his deed, it was high time the police interrogated him. Not liking this one bit, Foy took revenge and mistakenly shot a man he thought was the editor.

The police were after him. Somehow, Foy made it back to the Crouch farm in a drunken, somber mood swearing he’d kill himself before he let the police arrest him. Judd Crouch, not believing Foy had actually shot someone, left to handle some business in town. That left Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holcomb, Daniel’s daughter, Edith, and the elderly Mr. and Mrs. Henry White at the farm. Matthew Brown and his hired hand were also there picking up a load of wheat.

The men were in the barn preparing the wheat when Foy entered. He stayed briefly and, according to testimony, went to the back of the barn where he remained a few minutes before returning to the farmhouse. Moments after entering, the ladies heard a gunshot and found Foy dead.

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