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Electro Magnetic Field Evidence

Paranormal groups also use a variety of devices that pick up atmospheric or electrical changes in a room. The most common are Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) detectors including K2 (often spelled K II) meters. There are two parts to electric charge: the static electric field (which is constant and based on the total amount of electrical charge present) and the fluctuating magnetic field (which is based on the actual flow of electricity). Expensive EMF meters can read both, while the K2 only reads the magnetic field.

Most ghost hunters believe spirit manifestation to be a form of energy. When EMF meters detect a rise in energy levels it could represent such a manifestation. Some investigators believe the K2 meter is a way to communicate with spirits. When a spirit is asked a question, they will gather energy in an attempt to answer causing the LED to spike. These spikes can occur to represent yes, no or as affirmation to the question.

As with all equipment, we need to understand how EMF meters operate and what can trigger the device. Since they basically measure electric forces, there are many normal things that can change the electromagnetic field. Just a few potential causes are cell phones, appliances, strong magnets, walkie-talkies and even solar flares. If you are holding the EMF meter, any sudden movement will cause the reading to jump.

Before using EMF meters, take baseline readings so you know when there is a significant spike. Keep in mind the most common causes for EMF increases is electrical wires, wall plugs, fuse boxes and old copper piping. If EMF is elevated in the middle of a long hall, along a ceiling or wall there is a good chance it is wiring.

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