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If you wish to break the walk in two, and Santa Ana Metro Map /or have had enough, don’t go across into Sandy Lane but turn left onto Santa Ana Metro Map the road, and follow it, soon forking left to the hamlet of Coleman’s Hatch which is on the bus route between Forest Row and Hartfield. Do check bus times in advance! Proceed along Sandy Lane for a few hundred yards, passing the cricket pitch which is on your left, and ignore also a right fork, then immediately beyond the pitch turn left along a well-defined woodland track. Proceed along the track, now enjoying fine views to the southern part of the forest.

Ignore paths leading off to the left just beyond the cricket pitch, and a right fork as the path descends; continue roughly eastwards, going over a crossroads of paths, and arrive at a T-junction with a wider track. Turn left onto this track and follow it down to a road. You have all this time, from Sandy Lane onwards, been following the Vanguard Way, a longdistance footpath, but you would never guess it, for throughout my walk along this section I saw not a single signpost for it.

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